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現実世界から離れて、幻想の世界に足を踏み入れてください。ドバイクリークのAl SeefにあるIllusions Museumは、訪問客が錯覚の一部となるすべての年齢層のための楽しい、インタラクティブで教育的な体験です。 80以上の錯視とインスタレーション、グランド・イリュージョンルームはあなたの目を惑わし、あなたの脳を楽しませます。なぜ幻想が物理学の法則に反しているのか、それらの背後にある科学についてもっと学びます。







  • INFANT: 年: 0 - 5
  • CHILD: 年: 6 - 15
  • ADULT: 年: 16 - 99


  • お子様は大人の同伴が必要です
  • 健康制限なし
  • 車いす対応
  • お子様は大人の同伴が必要です
  • 健康制限なし
  • 車いす対応



  • For a full refund, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the experience’s start time.
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, the amount you paid will not be refunded.

What To Expect

Museum of Illusions
あなたが何か違う気分になったら、カメラを持ってIllusions Museumで私たちを訪ねてください。


EINSTEIN HOLLOW FACES:彼らの前でダンスと移動!あなたがそれをやっている間にアインシュタインがあなたに従っている理由を調べてください。それらはすべて同じ静的な凹面ですが、あなたはそれらを異なって認識しているようです。

インタラクティブな光合成:どの線が長く、どの角度がより大きいか? Illusionsの博物館は訪問者が展示物と相互作用し、それらを試し、測定し、遊び、それらを解決することを奨励します。訪問者は錯覚の一部になることができます。

VORTEX TUNNEL:この回転式シリンダーの中に足を踏み入れ、あなたの勇気を発揮してください。実際に安定した平らな面に立っているにも関わらず、動きが難しく、足の下で地面を失っていると思うでしょう。

AMES ROOM:あなたの両親があなたの前で縮んで成長するのを見たり、巨人として自分を描いたりします。今では、なぜホビットが「Lord of the Rings」の映画3部作でGandalfよりもずっと小さく見えたのかを知ることができます。カメラは人間の目でできることを知ることができないので、この部屋からは信じられないほどの絵がたくさんあるはずです。






MIND GAMESと3D PUZZLES:あなたがまだ心に挑戦と楽しい幻想を十分に得られなかったなら、我々はあなたが解決するために50以上の異なる木製マインドゲームと3Dパズルを持っています。私たちのフレンドリーなスタッフは、常にあなたが必要なものをあなたを助けるためにあります!


ハリウッドエリアのバール・ドバイのドバイクリークにあるAl Seefに位置するIllusions Museumは、お友達、家族、子供、カップル、おじいちゃん、おばあさん、あらゆる年齢層に最適な体験です!


• Admission Ticket Free


Fun and interesting
theeatlog, 11-04-2022
Here's a great place to spend some fun time with family and/or friends. Plenty of illusions to intrigue yourself with, of course, but also a few single/dual player games to indulge in for a bit of extra fun. The staff are very helpful and friendly and are hands-on to help you get all the right angles for those perfect 'illusional' shots.
Amazing experience with illusions
notFredric, 25-02-2022
We went at the place right before they opening so we had the whole area by ourselves.

Staff. They are really helpful and knowledgeable about the exhibit like where to take photos, how do the illusions works and all other stuff around.

Area. I’m expecting more things to do but I think its enough to experience some of it. It is quite small but I enjoyed every single thing around it.

Price. I got an affordable price online via Groupon. I think it’s affordable for the whole experience.
Very nice and fun place
Orestegaspari, 17-04-2022
Very nice and fun place. Suitable for children but also adults. Some optical illusions are very beautiful and also a lot of fun. The girls who work there are very nice and helpful. Definitely recommended if you are in the area
Fun place to spend a few hours and learn a few things too
Hemantkumar J, 27-10-2022
The Museum of illusion is another great place in Dubai to spend the summer afternoon having lots of fun with the family.

The museum has many exhibits which create illusions of different kind and the best part is that YOU can be part of some of the the illusions.

You can take pictures or the ever-helping staff is also there to take your pictures. They explain the exhibits and also guide the visitors on where to position themselves and how to take the pics for the best illusionary effect.

We clicked a whole lot of pictures and kids enjoyed a lot. Highly Recommended.

As kids grow a little older, I will visit again - this time with the intent of learning from the illusions for my elder kid. The illusions are based on simple and interesting practical applications of physics and light / distance and physical placement of objects ... good place to learn
The Magical Mind!
Ketand17, 11-01-2023
It was an amazing experience and the team there were very helpful. You will capture your best photo moments in this museum. Super place! Must go when in Dubai!
Nice museum in a nice shopping area.
Ray_H, 24-06-2022
Just so you are aware, there is no line to skip, so just book yourself at their website, or get your tickets when you arrive. The entire experience can be completed in about 30 minutes, and the staff will help you take photos so they turn out right. Overall a fun experience. The good thing is it's located in the "original Dubai" and there are a lot of antique shops, a Starbucks, cologne and clothing shops. Be sure to build in some time to enjoy the area.
Great fun
K7550MBemmab, 01-08-2022
Unexpected and great fun
It’s very hot so we were looking for the i he to do inside
Saw good reviews and it’s true
Great fun - simple and small but if you want some puzzles and funny illusion photos then it’s good
A bit on the expensive side could be a few pounds cheaper but still well worth a visit

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